My Beautiful First Year in UNAI with my beloved classmates, English Major 2013. (Assignment)

My Beautiful First Year in UNAI with my beloved classmates, English Major 2013.

     On the first day to start our class in faculty of Education, Adventist University of Indonesia, I felt blessed. This is my first year in UNAI and I take 19 units for this semester. We are from English class 2013, start our first lesson under Sir Binsar Tamba, Pronunciation Practice Class. In the first sight, I am interested in him. And proved, along this semester, we got much knowledge from him. He always told about his experience.

    From the story of his life experiences to the remarkable calm demeanor, but we can quickly understand any explanation in his. What’s interesting is? If he learned the technique class begins (after the prayers, of course) he always asks us to do heating technique in our mouth and tongue, honest I personally really enjoyed it. The reason is to flex the tongue and mouth pronouncing each word in the English language.

   The technique is as follows:
1 . Exaggerated smile – grin widely and pucker lips
2 . Pucker mouth to the sides and the make kissing sound.
3 . Tongue stretch up – down – left – right.
4 . Tongue moves around tracing lips – clockwise – counter clockwise.
5 . Tongue stretch forward – roll back.
6 . Sound ee – aa – uuu.

We always do before starting the lesson. Even now, I still often use that technique to train my tongue and mouth. And in the final exam, he asked us to record a poem (in the first convert in MP3 form) and send it via email.

In addition to lessons Pronunciation Practice, there is also Structure I under Miss Deborah, Applied Computer under Sir Harmond, Principles of Education under Sir Mangadar Simbolon, Listening Comprehension I under Sir Bryan Vestpal, Speaking I under Sir Nelson Panjaitan and Life and Teachings of Jesus under Sir Jahotner Manullang.

    Lecturers teaching techniques vary, but that’s interesting. We can learn the art of teaching and learning techniques are interesting. So later, when we ‘ve become an educator we should take a good learning techniques from each faculty.

    Miss Deborah, In Structure I class always gave us a kind of exercise to refresh our memories about the lesson again and to evaluate the ability of the students. And for me personally, it is very important and I want when I later became an educator, I will follow it. For Applied Computer class, we were taught a lot about computers and how to use. Because according to Sir Harmond, a teacher must be able to operate the computer.

   Different from Listening Comprehension Class, with Sir Bryan, we are always presented with audio, such as movies, music, games and others, who use the English language, according to him, we need to train our hearing used to hearing things that use English. As for Speaking Class, under Sir Nelson Panjaitan, we are often taught to speak, dialogue and singing in English. And it can train us in speaking. So, in the class we never quiet.

   And for Sir Mangadar Simbolon class, Principles of Education, we got a lot of things about how to be a good educator. One thing that I most remember, the teacher is not only an educator but also a mentor. Last is the class of Sir Jahotner Manullang, Life and teaching of Jesus. This lesson is the point of a very important lesson. In addition to being a professional teacher, we are also trained to be a teacher who fear of the Lord and learn about life of Jesus and how Jesus taught His disciples.

   Many other things are very interesting in the last semester, ranging from adaptation with classmates, but I really enjoyed it. God is so good was sent each one of you in my life, be my classmates. We were both struggling at the beginning of the semester is stressful enough, but we can pass well. All of you are great person that I’ve ever met. Thanks to my beloved professors who always support us and teach us. Special for my beloved professor, Miss Deborah. Please, never stop to teach us, to support us and to pray for us. We love you, Miss. English Major in 2013, keep fighting and be rock solid! This is not the end but beginning in our study.

Remember this verse:

Eccleciastes 7 : 8a

“The end of matter is better than its beginning.”


God bless you all^^



Nur Ayu Sitompul


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