My Description on Siwon Choi Photo :D (Miss Debb Assignment)


Choi Siwon is his name.  He is member of Super Junior Group. South Korean handsome man, it cannot hide his good looks. Wrap the long-sleeved shirt in blue combined with black tie makes it look more dazzling. Trousers and a black belt makes him look manly. Siwon has sexy lips which always displays a charming smile. Posture lean face decorated with a high bridged nose, flat forehead, thick eyebrows and slanted eyes. Thanks to his hair stylish that gives brown color to his hair. Men born in 1986 deserved the title of the most handsome man in Korea.

 Prepared by:

Nur Ayu Sitompul

By Giadore Shin♥ (Nur Ayu) Posted in Romance

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