Life and Experiences Of ME!! :)

In August 2013, I came to Bandung to continue my study in Adventist University of Indonesia. It was, I am a 19–year–old lady. Is it not too old right? Ha! I was chosen English Major as my Faculty, because I am a student-upgrading member from Middle of Sumatra Conference – Riau Province.


Worried?! 😦

 In first semester, I was worried. How could I pass it? In addition, I had already graduated from Senior High School in a 2010-year student. I ever worked in Hospital as an Administrator for three years. So, can you imagine it? How long I never touched about text book or something like that since I graduated. And it means, I had started my mind from zero again. But, Praise the LORD, I had finished my first semester well.


Gerhana Cornelia, Flowrence Guandeline Mewengkang and Nur Ayu Sitompul

It is a story-living part of my education. It is not enough far from my social-life in campus. When I was entered in Ester Hall-Dormitory, I got in 26 – room. My roommates are Gerhana Cornelia Ayorbaba or Lia, from Papua and Flowrence Guandeline Mewengkang or Flow, from Manado. I am gladly happy met both of them. They are nicely humble and also beautiful girl, in – out. J

We became like family and for me, both of them like my young sisters, because I am the eldest. We always shared a lot of story about our story life, and also love story 😀 He! We had take-care to each others. We shared everything in happiness or sadness. Even though we are in different major, Lia in Information Technique and Flow in Accounting, but we did not find a reason to feeling different.

But when last day in first semester, I felt sad because I should moved. Remember  that I am a student-upgrading member? Yups, it’s the reason I must work to pay my study. Even though I moved, We are still communication to ach others, because I am loving them and always be. J

Now, I am in 217- room. My new roommates are Nining Safitri, Sylvania Walanda and Jesslyn Ann. They are also nice gals. I have been thankful for that.

I hope I’ll pass this semester better than last. Because when God had blessed me in the past, Thy also bless me in the future. I trust it!! J  

New semester, New Roommates, New Heart, New Life and New Me!! But God always be there for me, wherever I am, whatever I do, Whenever I’ll go, and Who I am.


Keep Fighting and Always get new spirit of life!!

God bless J





Nur Ayu Sitompul

By Giadore Shin♥ (Nur Ayu) Posted in Romance

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