About A Heart-Touched Man

Screen_20140130_214448 About A Heart-Touched Man

“Take care there,” he said. I know he is smiling there. “Be a nice girl, always prayer.” He is silent for a while. “God bless you, dear.”

“Yes, Sir!” I replied with silent smile. Just heard his last word in every our conversation, I got fly and my lips cannot hold my smile. Even though, he never knows about it.

Yups, you can guess it! He is could it be called my man. 🙂

May be you cannot believe if I tell you something about truth. We are never met yet. At all. Ha! Please don’t look at me like you see a big snake, okay? Ho-ho! I know him just through his voice. If I can say, in first time I heard his voice, remembering me about my ex-boyfie voice. Why are we can know each other but never met? The answer is my friend (sorry, I can’t write her name) gave my phone number to him. Yehh, it just for adding friends, in begin but in the end all was changed.

I cannot telling that I already falling in love to him. It is not about that I never met him yet or something about physic. It is just about time and about my principle. In Christian has no a name of dating or relationship but COURTSHIP.  I was telling about that to him and I am glad to his understanding. His understanding makes me respect. I think, he is a smart boy. We never tell something non-sense. Eventually, I feel comfort talking with him. I still remember his beautiful statement.

“Dear, I just want you to know, that I had put you in my heart. Please accept my apologized because I cannot hold this wonderful feeling in you. Thanks for remind me about courtship. Hoping someday, God will bring us in His beautiful plans.”

His statement brings a heart-beating effect on me. Something different happened in my heart. This is no rags, I know it. Finally I realize, that my heart was changed, this feeling more than just a respect. I don’t know how to describe my feeling. But, since it, I never stop thinking about him.

“Boy, thanks for your understanding. I don’t know what happened in my heart now. I just know that you always in my mind. Don’t put your hope on me, because we don’t know what will happen in future. Like you, I also hope, if we are in one way of God’s plan, of course yes, we are be the one, someday.”

Lord, I really thankful because You sent him to me. From him, I felt different things. You let him touch a place in my heart that someone else never touching it before. God, we are not looking for a wife/husband, but someone who loves You more than anything. Because when someone loves You, he also loves someone that You give to him. My Lord, please teach us to understand Your will. We know, You have a great plan for everyone whoever believe in You; Your plan become beautiful in its time. Thank you, Lord. Thanks You my Dear God. Thank You My Gracious Heavenly Father.


By Giadore Shin♥ (Nur Ayu) Posted in Romance

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