Movie Lovers (Compendium Part I)

 Movie Lovers

            If you ask me,Do you love watching movies?,directly, I’ll answer,Of course, yes! I love watching movies. If I get bored or I don’t have something to do, usually I watch movies. I prefer watch movies alone because I think watching movies needs a concentration. When you are alone, you’ll feel that the movies story can enter your mind. You can bring your imagine according to the movies story.

               Sometimes, I think, I am a romantic girl. I don’t know why, but honestly I prefer to watch romantic movies. Specially, romantic movie is produced by Western or Asian movies – sorry dislike local movies –. Also I prefer to watch happy ending movies; and of course, I never want to watch sad ending movies. I think, “I want to get an entertainment and something that makes me happy; and I don’t want something that makes me sad.”

           I want to share what the title the movies that I’ve ever watched:

   Twilight (Romantic Movie; Western)

    I love watching western movies because the movie story is creative; and the actor and actress are so professional in their acting. It makes the movie lovers never get bored when they watch.

    Seducing Mr. Perfect (Romantic Movies; Korean)

      I cannot say anything that I really love all about Korea; and of course in Korean Movies. I think you know how so awesome the guys in Korea. I am never get bored watching Korean Movies because my eyes always looking for handsome actor and pretty actress in their professional acting. Besides that, the writer of the movie is perfectly creative. They can make a beautiful story in a good plot.

So, no wonder if people around the world love watching Western and Asian movies.

         Many movies that I’ve ever watched but I cannot mention them. For me, I prefer to watch a movie in my room, alone, and nobody disturb me. I can say because I seldom go to the cinema, I think my room is more comfortable than the cinema; the cinema there many people and make me lost my concentration. I don’t have freedom to express my imagination.

         Finally, watching in my room is the true choice. Nobody disturb me with his voice, nobody lost my concentration and absolutely, I can enjoy movies; get understand the plot of movies; and the movies story can enter in my mind.


My word about what I am thinking. Read, enjoy and give your comment.

Thank youuuuuuu 🙂


Nur Ayu Sitompul


By Giadore Shin♥ (Nur Ayu) Posted in Romance

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