What is Life?

        Life is God’s given. If we always say thanks to God for everything, it means we always remember that life is just scenario of God. Many things happen in life: sad and happy. Of course, I’ver ever got a best moment in my life; its a moment when God answered my pray. Ofr three years, i have always been praying that I want to continue my study; and peaise the LORD, He answered. That the reason why,  I am here now, in UNAI.

          UNAI is a best campus that I’ve ever visited. In UNAI, I leran the true life, how to serve anoyone heartily, hoe to be a humble person, how to be a good student and many more knowledge. I choose English; faculty of education because someday I want to be a English teacher, meet new person everyday, tecah everyone lke Jesus teach His disciples; and maybe I want to be an author or writer – writing an inspirational book in which everyone can read.

Thank you 🙂


By Giadore Shin♥ (Nur Ayu) Posted in Romance

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