Love Is a Verb

Do you know what the verb is? It’s a word that tells about an action, such as run, walk, sit, jump or dance. Did you know that love can be a verb? Love isn’t  just a feeling; it also is the way we act. We can show people that we love them by the things we do.

Jesus loves you. In fact, the Bible says that God is love. The reason He does everything is that He loves you. He created the world and all the good things in it because He loves you. He made flowers, puppies and kittens, lakes, sunshine, families, and Sabbath just for you. Jesus came and died on the cross for you because He loves you. Right now, He’s in heaven preparing a place for you. One day soon He’ll come back and take you to heaven with Him because He loves you.

We can show God and the people around us our love by the way we act. Even obeying can be a way to show love. When our parents ask us to clean our rooms and we obey, we can show our love. When we love one another and follow God’s commandments, we show our love,

Another way to show our love for others is by doing nice things for them. Bringing someone food or flowers, being kind, playing fair, sharing – all of these are ways to show people that we love them and that we love God.

Lets pray that God will help us to show love to everyone we meet today and this year.

GOD is LOVE (1 JOHN 4:16)

God bless each of us 🙂 

By Giadore Shin♥ (Nur Ayu) Posted in Assignment

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