Education In Life

Education in Life

Education is a process about transfer knowledge from an educator to students; its not only teaching the students but also mentoring then; learning ho w to know a good attitude; and also known as a process from zero to hero.

Many people think, if they have a high education, they will get a high dignity. In my opinion, even though they have a high education but if they have no great attitude in society, it’s meaningless, because education is not only to get knowledge or dignity but also about to have attitude. Education is connected to life story by our need to have an education.

Probably, some of you think, “Why do people need to have education in their life?” It’s because education is one of important things in this life. Without an education, everyone probably becomes jobless. Education is so expensive but we need to have an education. From education we get knowledge and experience in society life such as: friendship, relation between student and educator.  Education also gives us a lot of information that we don’t know yet.

Indonesia has many problems in education system. One of the cases is uneducated people. The government must be wise to solve this problem. They must know how to educate the uneducated people. In my special opinion, uneducated people divided in two cases: Uneducated people in knowledge and Uneducated people in attitude. To solve these problems, we need solutions. For uneducated people in knowledge, the government can give them scholarship or challenge to go to school in free tuition. The unfortunate children also have a desire to get an education. So many reasons but the first reason is they have no enough money to pay tuition. This problem needs attention from government to help them. Government must prepare a special scholarship for them.

For Uneducated people in attitude, the group (who is in education but they are not seriously in their education) express their attitude like an uneducated person. UNAI’s students, for example. They are not stupid. But in society life in campus, they act like a uneducated people. We know that education has effect to our attitude but its depend from their personal attitude.

Finally, my suggestion is they must change themselves because when they think they are an educated people, they will act like so.


By Giadore Shin♥ (Nur Ayu) Posted in Assignment

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