Pursue Your Study in UNAI (Persuassive Essay)

Have you ever visited Adventist University of Indonesia (UNAI)? It is my campus. I am one of students in English Major; and now, I am in first year. I am blessed can to continue my study in UNAI. This campus has a great education services and many program that help student most in their financial problems by adding program called student labor. UNAI has six faculties: Economy, Theology, Information Technic, Education, Science and Nursing. The students, was graduated by UNAI, are working in every place around the world. UNAI teaches you everything; the first is Heavenly education is fear of God, and then world education, also work education.

UNAI has a vision and mission. The vision is UNAI was built by Seventh-day Adventist Church that wants to prepare a Christian Education to all students in the world; and the mission is to prepare a high quality students. The first goal of UNAI is to teach students to fear of God because UNAI is a religious campus. It’s no wonder, every day the students follow worship. Morning worship at 05.00 am, Evening worship at 06.00 pm, PHD worship every Monday, Vesper Worship, and Divine worship every Sabbath. From the daily worship, the students have an equal in their spiritual life and mental; not only in world education. Even though UNAI is a religious campus, but sometimes you’ll find students act like uneducated people. It’s not because of the campus, it depends in their personally.

If you ask me, “How is UNAI’s view?” I have no word to say how great UNAI’s view. Honestly, UNAI is a great campus that I’ve ever visited. It has beautiful view and awesome. Can you imagine a campus that around of mountain? It is UNAI. UNAI is located in Parongpong, Bandung. From UNAI, you can see a beautiful view of Tangkuban Parahu Mountain. That’s why, the weather is extremely cool. When you visit to UNAI, don’t forget your jacket.

UNAI has many facilities such as: dormitory for students, cafeteria, library, academic building, Laboratory Computer, Sport Field, Available Wi-Fi, Chapel, etc. Dormitory available for students, boys dorm and girls dorm. The system in dorm is unique: social holiday. Boys Week and Girls Week. This is a program when the boys/girls for a week can hang-out from campus to provide their needs. If today is boys week, the girls cannot go out from campus and otherwise. If they break the rules, they’ll get punishment. Usually, for girls is cutting grass. And all the rules in UNAI are to lead students in discipline life. When you graduate from UNAI, you’ll become a person ready-use.

In previous, I mentioned about student labor. Student labor is a program that students can get job in every place around campus. I am working in cafeteria UNAI. This work can help me in my financial problem to pay tuition. All students only work for four hour a days and in one kind of jobs. About salary, it has a grade. If you do your work well, you’ll achieve grade A, but otherwise, if you are lazy, probably you get C. The salary, directly, is charged to your account.

UNAI often held events because UNAI has many organizations such as choir, master guide, eden club, and many more. It makes the students become creative. Every Saturday night in Student Center, IMA (Association Student College) held events such as: Hall Got Talent, Culture Nite, Games, etc. Every Sabbath morning, Prayer Circle, always invite all students to follow Bible Mediation. And many more events held in UNAI.

If you choose UNAI as your college, you’ll get interesting life. You can meet people from Sabang-Merauke in different background, culture, language and skin. This is the interesting part. You’ll get a bit problem to adapt but in the end you’ll enjoy it. Many advantages are given by UNAI for you but there is also disadvantage and in my perspective only one; it’s about the weather that sometimes in extreme seasons (rain for a week). If UNAI in rainy seasons, everybody must prepare more jackets because weather is colder.
Finally, I cannot say how I am lucky can continue my study in UNAI. UNAI is deeper teach me about to approach to God and how great Him. Problems often come in life but God’s help always come every day and never late. The best choice in your life is when you choose UNAI as your college. UNAI has a scholarship program, don’t worry about money. Grace is always there and you can realize how God works in your life.

By Giadore Shin♥ (Nur Ayu) Posted in Assignment

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