Field Trip (Compendium)

Field trip

Field trip is one of my campus events in UNAI (Adventist University of Indonesia). It will be held after mid-term. In my special opinion, fieldtrip is a variety of education. Every faculty is free to choose their destination. Usually, the event is under Dean’s lead. We are from faculty of education, Mathematic and English, recently, visit to UPH and TMII. The students that follow our field trip are not only education’s students but include Economy and Information Technology’s students. And this time, I want to share my first time field trip.

It was in the morning on March, 6th 2014. I woke up at 03.00 am. Can you imagine? Well, I couldn’t say that I am not sleepy but I thought, this is the interesting part. I cleaned up and ready for field trip. The students, Dean, and lecturers, also include me, went to Jakarta by 2 buses at 04.45 am. And you know what? I slept along the road. When I woke up, we stopped in KM 62 for breakfast and then we took off again at 06.00 am.

We arrived in UPH at 09.00 am and the students of Teacher’s College in UPHA welcoming to us. The UPH’s students are humble. We were happy for their services. They brought us to hall; it seemed a hall for worship. At there, we listened to a seminar. We made the seminar like a talk show. So, it was like sharing about our differences of curriculum, about our faculty and we enjoyed it.

After seminar, they served us for lunch snack. We were glad for that. After lunch, they led us for tour campus. The buildings are greatly amazing and the condition of campus is perfectly comfortable. And at 02.46 pm, we left UPH. I hope someday I can visit there again.

On the road to go to TMII, we had lunch box. It made me remember about my study tour when I was in High School. We enjoyed for every seconds in field trip. Meanwhile, we arrived in TMII at 03.00 pm. It was free time. Everyone could visit any place or all of facilities in TMII. I played Kereta Gantung. It was very amazing and fantastic because it was my first time. From above, I could see every place around TMII such as: Mini Culture Buildings, Museums, Lake, Unique Mosque, Church and many more. I also enjoyed by bike. Even though tired and the weather was gloomy but it couldn’t stop my happiness.

At 06.00 pm, we prepared to go to back to campus. it was rainy like my heart felt sad when field trip was in the end. On the road, we had dinner box, too. We arrived in campus at 09.00 pm. Sleepy, tired, but of course yes, happy. I felt blessed for this moment. God gave me a new experience, new thing and new education. I believe all about my life is not only by chance but this is one of God’s plans in my life.

Finally, from my new experience, I realize the education also can find out from education in real life, not only learn from books. If you are student, you can follow my campus event because the goal is not only for having fun but the education is a first goal. Spirit……. Spirit….. Education!!! God bless!



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