Memoirs in Batam Island

It was in May 12th 2014, after I had finish my final examination when I was in first year in college. Every year when long vacation is close, my campus has a SALE program, Students Literature, where students can be missionaries by selling books. And the amount of money can help their financial to pay tuition in campus. I joined it and I accepted an opportunity to serve in Batam Island.Along 10 weeks I and my friends, Sity Wijayanti explored Batam Island. This is my first time join to a club like missionaries and I felt wonder and blessed.

Every day except Sabbath day, we always walked and visited every place to offer and bring book, health books and spiritual books.

Tirelessly, even when the sweat was wetting our clothing, we didn’t care. We kept walking and tried to smile. Even one of our books was no one selling I tried to believe. I remembered, one day, it was in Thursday, we visited more than 30 houses but no one of our books is purchased. We motivated one and another to always keep smile and humble. Jesus has a great grace for us in the next day. And praise LORD, pray by pray, we conveyed to our Father in heaven and He never forgets us.

We met every people with different background. And we canvass them about health news and show them the true about health and temperance. Some of them could receive our news and there is also rejecting.

10 weeks passed imperceptibly, we arrived in last day. This experience will never forget. God’s love is really true. There is my red umbrella that I used when scorching sun and my black flat obsolete shoes become silent witness in my journey. Thanks God for all your blessing that you have given to me. I met our family in my hometown; You fulfilled all my needs and all fares to hometown and back to campus. Big thanks to You, my GREAT LORD.

When I was at the crossroads of my life in Batam, I found what I was searching for. Instead of becoming a literature, I became a friend of Buddhiest. And now that I am back in Bandung, my campus is, I miss the people I met in Batam.

Would I recommend that you consider becoming a student literature?  Absolutely! And who knows, you might just find what you are meant to do with your life.


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