When a trouble changes become a blessing. Unpredictable accident confronts them. Elaine Faith is led to a story that changed her life and her perspective. In the course of the story, she was brought into the problems that she never imagined would happen in her life.

Aiden Oswald, the man who aims to hold forest conservation in Colorado, met in a story with Elaine. The meeting, which was not intentionally take place several times and unfortunately bring it into a problem that he cannot refuse. Beautiful and humble teacher was luring. Even the debate with the woman is a pleasant moment for him.

Until a while…..

“Aiden, is this the real you?”

Misunderstanding that makes it almost lost my mind see Elaine suddenly disappeared from her life. Elaine deserved disappointed but this incident beyond its control.

For the first time he set foot and bow in place, close your eyes and shed tears. Delivering his heart swelled request. When she opened her eyes, Aiden can see a bouquet of purple Columbine is located at the altar table in front of him?

What is the message that conveyed by the Columbine?

Note : This is my Novel Project for Creative Writing Class. Please pray for me then I am able to finish it before final examination on December. Please leave your mark, buddies. Thank you and God bless.

Synopsis Columbine of Colorado – (Novel Project – In Progressing)

By Giadore Shin♥ (Nur Ayu) Posted in Novel

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