Nature Oh Nature

If there is free time, I spend my time to go to nature, enjoying fresh air, green view, and close my eyes to listen to wind voice through my skin.

I love alone in  nature. Far away from noisy and ‘hustle and bustle’ sometimes humming bird accompany me.

Most of time I bring my book to read there. However, impression of its beauty turned me of it. Mountain, trees, flowers, birds, grass, small insect, beasts are parts of nature and parts of life lessons that I found unconsciously.

Mountain stood mainly without fear anything.

Tree teaches me live by faith. It alive is only depend on the Creator’s will. If autumn come the leaves will be dropping off and it will be alone. But it never be complain. Birds, they live without sow but they reap. They believe that their Creator will provide their needs.

There is still many lessons that you can find it out through nature.

God gives nature as a lesson. Do not ask me why? Just come to nature and you will find how thankful you are to be there and how great The Monarch of the universe.

Thank you God for being my Creator and for preparing this great nature lesson 🙂

Nature Oh Nature


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