My Birthday Poem special for  twenty-three- year lady of me

What a twenty-three-year lady! 15 December in Gemito Village, Isolated place that I’ve ever left my footprint! God is really awesome, gave me time to experience  this moment especially in my birthday.

We can look for money but we cannot buy experience! This poem formed unexpectedly 🙂


This is the best birthday gift ever! What an excellence experience!
This is called the true life, adventure.
What a challenge!
This is the great life lesson
What a precious teaching
This gives me know how to be a grateful person
What such wonderful prayer
This experience make me more fallen love…
Fallen love with Thee, He who is the Souvereign of Monarch..
This shows me that His love is real
What such an adorable love..
This is a great Gemito-Week Sesion Story..
What a great rural that I’ve ever visited.
This is my thanking-love words poem to my God who lemme to experience such an adorable adventure…

This is my Desember Poem,
Ayu Sitompul♡

My Birthday Poem to My 23th Birthday

By Giadore Shin♥ (Nur Ayu) Posted in Poem

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