Pupils of a Week


This poem formed after my comunity-service-finishing time at Gemito Village, Tengger, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia that held 14-20 December 2015. I taught 3 grader in Elementary School. It was such amazing students that I’ve ever met.

There is no time to be murmur, nor to be hopeless. Time after time that they have, they used it for a meaningful thing.

No shoes in feet, no tidy-neat-uniform to wear, no complete-school facilities, no place to play, even no English-course lesson. The building is old, the wall is getting yellow and dirty. it’s only has 7 rooms, including headmaster room. Chalk and wood board, teacher’s desk and garbage place, and wood chair for students. However, it is not the reason for the students to be lazy and hopeless, they have great zeal for learning. I thumb up for them.

I am apprehensive of them. For the first time, I won’t to be a teacher, but when I saw them I realized one important thing form a teacher’s perspective, “Teaching is not only about academic transferring but seeing students as human being and making them as human.”

This special poem for them, my Gemito pupils, 3 grader:

They taught me how to be grateful person..
They taught me how to smile sincerely
They taught me what innocent is
They taught me what tear is
They taught me how to teach heartily…
They taught me what the longing is…
They taught me this feeling that I miss them so much…

Pupils of a Week

By Giadore Shin♥ (Nur Ayu) Posted in Poem

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