Unexpected Gift

Such an awesome bithday greeting from my corps in SATGANA, Rico Gamaliel. Oh, I wondered when I found this such cute-face photo posted on my facebook. A man with red head-band was holding a brown paper that written “NUR AYU. S Happy Birthday mdpl 3.078.” He was in the Cermai Mountain Top! I really love that view! Morning clouds in the blue sky!

Below the brief conversation before this gift given:

Gamaliel: “Do you want to join us in this vacation?”

Me: “Where?”

Gamaliel: “We had arranged great planning. Cermai Mountain.”

Me: “Climbing?”

Gamaliel: “Yes, you must join!”

(I was hubbub, because I have joined a community service to go to Bromo Village)

Me: “Why do you ask me right now?!”

Gamaliel: “????”

Me: (take deep breath) “You know, I have joined another trip and I can’t cancel it.”

Gamaliel: “Poor Ayu.” 

Me: (I punch his arm and he yelled) “I want you to promise. If you arrive later on the mountain top, you should remember my birthday 15 december and you should greet me from there. Take picture and send me!”

Gamaliel: “Ok, lady. I will do it for you.” (punching my cheeck)

Me: “If you forget, I will give you this.” (showing my fist)

Then, we laughed together.


And, jeng…jeng..jeng… This is he! Thank you for fulfilling your promise, dude! You are the best!


Unexpected Gift


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