It was formed 14th Feb 2016, in the House of Prayer (somewhere in my campus).  I just took 2 hours to generate this poem. while my scribbled was jotting down on the paper in every single alphabet, my thought flied to someone who I love. He is turning 57 and his hair is growing grey, his wrinkled covering his smiling face.

For two years, I’ve never met but I know I am in his heart always and so do I. Dad, I hope you always be blessed there and this poem is special for you as my love evidence because space is separating us now but not in heart.


My Dad-57th Birth-Valentine-Day

Your grey hair is the headdress

Every wrinkling of your face is a sketch of joyfulness

Your strength turn down withered

Yet your zeal is never end

The first man that I love

that love me in unreasonable love

Lift me up when I am down

take my burden and give me crown

No space too far to meet

No smile to show too sweet

Yet there is love too indescribable

my father’s love

Your fifty-seventh birthday

in coming in the valentine day

crowd said that it’s love day

Yet with you, everyday is a love day

He is my king

he also everything

willing do everything

the reason why I am smiling.

Your little Princess,

Nur Ayu Sitompul

My Dad-57th Birth-Valentine-Day

By Giadore Shin♥ (Nur Ayu) Posted in Poem

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