Honestly I am sad to say that this would be my last service as a student, as a Prayer Circle member since I don’t have all day in UNAI anymore. However, I was lucky joining this fourth service. First service was in Desa Tugu Mukti, Cisarua, the second was in Jember, the third in Bromo and the last was in Merbabu, Dusun Ngaduman. We were 55 members. Many duties we needed to do, such as, bakti sosial, teaching, helping local people in the  field and garden, APTA, seminars, etc.


I taught grade 5 in SD Karmel. They are only 5 students! Oh man, I could imagine first, but that’s the fact. and surely, I enjoyed teaching them. They are Dimas A, Dimas E (because there were two Dimas’, we called one, Dimas Senior and other, Dimas Junior, LOL), Ani, Ryan and Wisnu.

This is we


All memories that have been written won’t be forgotten, as ink streaked in whitepaper. Up and down the mountain was a such great journey ever!


We also mingled with the local people, and they are my housemates, Evi and Grace (FYI, Evi is not UNAI’s students, she is my friend who came from Riau and luckily joined us here)



At this moment, my 24th birthday has been celebrated together with them. Thank you so much mbak Sity for the fruit-hand-made cake. It has been so long that I wished for that cake and just has been real 15th Dec 2016.



The weather is so cold and the wind is so strong.

15590659_1417117318330905_744921789996343236_nHowever, the wind also helps the pumpkin to grow. And this was a moment when picking the pumpkin!



Fortunately, time was over 10-18 December flied so fast.


Even though, the moment has passed but the memory still goes in mind. Thank you Jesus for a great chance You gave.

Many things I have learned from this service. One of them is, fog! Sometimes, we will deal with a life fog. We can’t see forward. But we can’t stop stepping forward even though there is fog.  Break the fog through faith then the faith will be growing daily.

Hope a next service will be mine Decemberly 🙂 I love December


(Decemberly) A Bit Story in the Last 2016 Service, Mountainside of Merbabu, Dusun Ngaduman,Desa Tajuk, Jawa Tengah


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