In this time, I would like to share some places of interest in Bandung which you can’t miss it! By the way, I thanked God a head for His plan allowing me to visit these places in the end of December 2017 and in the earlier 2017. This was such a blessing of the year!

Well, check this out!

  1. Curug Pelangi or Rainbow Fall 20161227_111551This is located in Parongpong, Cisarua and near to Universitas Advent Indonesia, Bandung Barat. The entrance fee is only 15k per pax. Why this called rainbow Fall? because When the water from the fall down and the sunlight throw them, it will appear rainbow shadow. I visited this place on Dec 27th 2016 with my friend, Evi Nurul Khotimah.20161227_103401
  2. Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park.20161227_121027This is located not far from Curug Pelangi. The entrance fee is 20k per pax. The nature view is worthy to enjoy your pair of eyes!20161227_14590620161227_14483520161227_1459113. Rumah Stroberi (Strawberry’s House)20161228_092321Unless you are guest in this house, you need to buy a meal package then you can be allowed to pick fresh strawberry up by yourself. When you pick strawberry, you’ll be guided and given a basket + scissor. The price is 10k per ons. Its price is reasonable for a sweet fresh strawberry! 28 Dec 2016.

    4. Tangkuban Parahu, Kawah Ratu dan Domas, Lembang, Jawa Barat20161230_13281920161230_123426Such a Nice panoramic ever! You only give out 20k visiting this place.20161230_123059Cool weather and fresh air is very felt.20161230_112216On the way to Kawah Domas, you will pass by the nice forest.20161230_12145920161230_12150620161230_121713with mbak Evi 20161230_1221595. Farmhouse Lembang20161230_084805the entrance fee is only 20k. You’ll be given the voucher and you can change the voucher with fresh milk or sosis.20161230_085801Also,. there is a love padlock! if you visit there with your loves one, this is one of sweet moment you do. You also can buy souvenir there. This place concept is like Europe country.20161230_09074920161230_0912126. Trans Studio Bandung20170101_093738Because we visited this place on Jan, 1st 2017 which means in the peak season, the entrance fee is 280k per pax. In weekdays, only 170k. There are so many wahan. This is an indoor concept, city in the city. The location is Jl. Gatot Subroto, Bandung. 20170101_100958This is Yamaha Racing. You can’t miss this wahana when you visit this Trans Studio.20170101_101756This is Super Hero 4D20170101_110924Ocean World20170101_11193620170101_111150Artic Adventure

    And you can find sea stars! it’s real and you can pond it by your hands.

    7. The Lodge Earthbond Adventure Park Maribaya Lembang

    skt_1560There are so many great spots such as, sky tree, bamboo sky, zip bike, and mountain swing. For every spot you need to pay 15-20k per pax not including entrance fee which is 15k per pax.skt_1558skt_1562skt_1559Well, this was my journey . Wishing for another journey I can share to you anymore. They are really place of interest but I prefer outdoor place than indoor.Hope you guys can enjoy the places of interest in Bandung. Still, Bandung has many interest places that I’ve been there yet but soon I’ll get there. Amen. Thank you for visiting my blog. God bless you and see you in the next journey. Bye!

Place of Interest in Bandung. Mari Berwisata ke Kota Bandung! Enjoy the nature is an enjoy life! Info Wisata Kota Bandung


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