The Pedestrian in February

February arrived, faster than I expected. Time passed by can not be rotated and future can not be seen. Each event that passed and that will come only in trust by faith, that everything is happening and will happen because of the power of Him who had planned it.

Dear, February 2016
Who you are?
Do not I know the story of what will happen in you

Either laugh or tears 

Either love or hurts

Some said that you are the love month

It is not love if it is only in the edge of mouth


There is no reasonable question to be asked

since He is the source everything

will provide that I need

There should grow the questionable faith

that has unknown depth and length

I, as the pilgrim on this world,
Fully surrender to the divine
relies entirely in His hand
Tears, laughter and, the burden of which you provide
He will help me to get through
because He brought me to you
He too will be with me in you

Having more prayer

Having more power


 The pedestrian in February

The Pedestrian in February

By Giadore Shin♥ (Nur Ayu) Posted in Poem

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