In this time, I would like to share some places of interest in Bandung which you can’t miss it! By the way, I thanked God a head for His plan allowing me to visit these places in the end of December 2017 and in the earlier 2017. This was such a blessing of the year!

Well, check this out!

  1. Curug Pelangi or Rainbow Fall 20161227_111551This is located in Parongpong, Cisarua and near to Universitas Advent Indonesia, Bandung Barat. The entrance fee is only 15k per pax. Why this called rainbow Fall? because When the water from the fall down and the sunlight throw them, it will appear rainbow shadow. I visited this place on Dec 27th 2016 with my friend, Evi Nurul Khotimah.20161227_103401
  2. Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park.20161227_121027This is located not far from Curug Pelangi. The entrance fee is 20k per pax. The nature view is worthy to enjoy your pair of eyes!20161227_14590620161227_14483520161227_1459113. Rumah Stroberi (Strawberry’s House)20161228_092321Unless you are guest in this house, you need to buy a meal package then you can be allowed to pick fresh strawberry up by yourself. When you pick strawberry, you’ll be guided and given a basket + scissor. The price is 10k per ons. Its price is reasonable for a sweet fresh strawberry! 28 Dec 2016.

    4. Tangkuban Parahu, Kawah Ratu dan Domas, Lembang, Jawa Barat20161230_13281920161230_123426Such a Nice panoramic ever! You only give out 20k visiting this place.20161230_123059Cool weather and fresh air is very felt.20161230_112216On the way to Kawah Domas, you will pass by the nice forest.20161230_12145920161230_12150620161230_121713with mbak Evi 20161230_1221595. Farmhouse Lembang20161230_084805the entrance fee is only 20k. You’ll be given the voucher and you can change the voucher with fresh milk or sosis.20161230_085801Also,. there is a love padlock! if you visit there with your loves one, this is one of sweet moment you do. You also can buy souvenir there. This place concept is like Europe country.20161230_09074920161230_0912126. Trans Studio Bandung20170101_093738Because we visited this place on Jan, 1st 2017 which means in the peak season, the entrance fee is 280k per pax. In weekdays, only 170k. There are so many wahan. This is an indoor concept, city in the city. The location is Jl. Gatot Subroto, Bandung. 20170101_100958This is Yamaha Racing. You can’t miss this wahana when you visit this Trans Studio.20170101_101756This is Super Hero 4D20170101_110924Ocean World20170101_11193620170101_111150Artic Adventure

    And you can find sea stars! it’s real and you can pond it by your hands.

    7. The Lodge Earthbond Adventure Park Maribaya Lembang

    skt_1560There are so many great spots such as, sky tree, bamboo sky, zip bike, and mountain swing. For every spot you need to pay 15-20k per pax not including entrance fee which is 15k per pax.skt_1558skt_1562skt_1559Well, this was my journey . Wishing for another journey I can share to you anymore. They are really place of interest but I prefer outdoor place than indoor.Hope you guys can enjoy the places of interest in Bandung. Still, Bandung has many interest places that I’ve been there yet but soon I’ll get there. Amen. Thank you for visiting my blog. God bless you and see you in the next journey. Bye!

Place of Interest in Bandung. Mari Berwisata ke Kota Bandung! Enjoy the nature is an enjoy life! Info Wisata Kota Bandung






Honestly I am sad to say that this would be my last service as a student, as a Prayer Circle member since I don’t have all day in UNAI anymore. However, I was lucky joining this fourth service. First service was in Desa Tugu Mukti, Cisarua, the second was in Jember, the third in Bromo and the last was in Merbabu, Dusun Ngaduman. We were 55 members. Many duties we needed to do, such as, bakti sosial, teaching, helping local people in the  field and garden, APTA, seminars, etc.


I taught grade 5 in SD Karmel. They are only 5 students! Oh man, I could imagine first, but that’s the fact. and surely, I enjoyed teaching them. They are Dimas A, Dimas E (because there were two Dimas’, we called one, Dimas Senior and other, Dimas Junior, LOL), Ani, Ryan and Wisnu.

This is we


All memories that have been written won’t be forgotten, as ink streaked in whitepaper. Up and down the mountain was a such great journey ever!


We also mingled with the local people, and they are my housemates, Evi and Grace (FYI, Evi is not UNAI’s students, she is my friend who came from Riau and luckily joined us here)



At this moment, my 24th birthday has been celebrated together with them. Thank you so much mbak Sity for the fruit-hand-made cake. It has been so long that I wished for that cake and just has been real 15th Dec 2016.



The weather is so cold and the wind is so strong.

15590659_1417117318330905_744921789996343236_nHowever, the wind also helps the pumpkin to grow. And this was a moment when picking the pumpkin!



Fortunately, time was over 10-18 December flied so fast.


Even though, the moment has passed but the memory still goes in mind. Thank you Jesus for a great chance You gave.

Many things I have learned from this service. One of them is, fog! Sometimes, we will deal with a life fog. We can’t see forward. But we can’t stop stepping forward even though there is fog.  Break the fog through faith then the faith will be growing daily.

Hope a next service will be mine Decemberly 🙂 I love December


(Decemberly) A Bit Story in the Last 2016 Service, Mountainside of Merbabu, Dusun Ngaduman,Desa Tajuk, Jawa Tengah



New Year Experience, 2016

Below  is my story when I reached out to Kawah Putih. Kawah Putih is the one of the interesting place in Bandung city. I was never piqued for visiting this place. Thank God for the chance. I put the From the Bad to the Great for this story.


It was an adorable scenery that I’ve ever seen. I was thankful to God for a chance that allowed me to visit Kawah Putih. What such an interesting place! When I arrived in the location, the smell of sulfur immediately kissed by my nose. I smelled unpleasant then my friend and I used mask to avoid it.


However, soon, I forget that because my eyes was pleasant by scenery. The green forest fulfill all the view and fortunately, the weather was cool, no scorching sun. For a while, I closed my eyes and let the wind touched my face. I thanked God for the nature.

Then, we strove to the location because for going to the direction we should pass the forest and long-enough floor.


When my eyes catched the view of Kawah Putih, I shouted for joy because the scenery was exciting! For your information, Kawah Putih is surrounded by 3 hills. What a masterpiece of God’s hands! The water is white and sometimes seeming greeny. Also, the water generates fumes. The hills stand strongly in its black and green. The blue sky screen me at that time.  Collaboration of those colors was greatly wonderful. As far as eyes looked at there, as you viewed an unspeakable beauty.


My friend and I took some pictures, also the sulfur yet, the officer of Kawah Putih did not allow us to bring it. I was satisfy, or even that word couldn’t describe my feeling, even we just only stayed there for a half hour, but I shouted for joy! Our time was over and we couldn’t stay any longer for that day was Friday, preparation day for welcoming Sabbath day.


All the spectacular beauty and enjoyment were gift for all pain that we got when we were on the journey reaching out the place. We needed 4 hours, in the scorching sun, traffic jam because it was New Year, stalled of our motorcycle and the worst thing is my leg was touched by the ex-housed pipe.


In sum, bad or good, it was be my experience in starting my 2016. there is reason for me for not being thankful, my great-bad experience ever! Lets visit there, and you will be never piqued but grateful! God bless



From the Bad to the Great (Amazing Land – Kawah Putih – Interesting Place in Bandung City, Indonesia)




Unexpected Gift

Such an awesome bithday greeting from my corps in SATGANA, Rico Gamaliel. Oh, I wondered when I found this such cute-face photo posted on my facebook. A man with red head-band was holding a brown paper that written “NUR AYU. S Happy Birthday mdpl 3.078.” He was in the Cermai Mountain Top! I really love that view! Morning clouds in the blue sky!

Below the brief conversation before this gift given:

Gamaliel: “Do you want to join us in this vacation?”

Me: “Where?”

Gamaliel: “We had arranged great planning. Cermai Mountain.”

Me: “Climbing?”

Gamaliel: “Yes, you must join!”

(I was hubbub, because I have joined a community service to go to Bromo Village)

Me: “Why do you ask me right now?!”

Gamaliel: “????”

Me: (take deep breath) “You know, I have joined another trip and I can’t cancel it.”

Gamaliel: “Poor Ayu.” 

Me: (I punch his arm and he yelled) “I want you to promise. If you arrive later on the mountain top, you should remember my birthday 15 december and you should greet me from there. Take picture and send me!”

Gamaliel: “Ok, lady. I will do it for you.” (punching my cheeck)

Me: “If you forget, I will give you this.” (showing my fist)

Then, we laughed together.


And, jeng…jeng..jeng… This is he! Thank you for fulfilling your promise, dude! You are the best!


Unexpected Gift




Nature Oh Nature

If there is free time, I spend my time to go to nature, enjoying fresh air, green view, and close my eyes to listen to wind voice through my skin.

I love alone in  nature. Far away from noisy and ‘hustle and bustle’ sometimes humming bird accompany me.

Most of time I bring my book to read there. However, impression of its beauty turned me of it. Mountain, trees, flowers, birds, grass, small insect, beasts are parts of nature and parts of life lessons that I found unconsciously.

Mountain stood mainly without fear anything.

Tree teaches me live by faith. It alive is only depend on the Creator’s will. If autumn come the leaves will be dropping off and it will be alone. But it never be complain. Birds, they live without sow but they reap. They believe that their Creator will provide their needs.

There is still many lessons that you can find it out through nature.

God gives nature as a lesson. Do not ask me why? Just come to nature and you will find how thankful you are to be there and how great The Monarch of the universe.

Thank you God for being my Creator and for preparing this great nature lesson 🙂

Nature Oh Nature

Memoirs in Batam Island

It was in May 12th 2014, after I had finish my final examination when I was in first year in college. Every year when long vacation is close, my campus has a SALE program, Students Literature, where students can be missionaries by selling books. And the amount of money can help their financial to pay tuition in campus. I joined it and I accepted an opportunity to serve in Batam Island.Along 10 weeks I and my friends, Sity Wijayanti explored Batam Island. This is my first time join to a club like missionaries and I felt wonder and blessed.

Every day except Sabbath day, we always walked and visited every place to offer and bring book, health books and spiritual books.

Tirelessly, even when the sweat was wetting our clothing, we didn’t care. We kept walking and tried to smile. Even one of our books was no one selling I tried to believe. I remembered, one day, it was in Thursday, we visited more than 30 houses but no one of our books is purchased. We motivated one and another to always keep smile and humble. Jesus has a great grace for us in the next day. And praise LORD, pray by pray, we conveyed to our Father in heaven and He never forgets us.

We met every people with different background. And we canvass them about health news and show them the true about health and temperance. Some of them could receive our news and there is also rejecting.

10 weeks passed imperceptibly, we arrived in last day. This experience will never forget. God’s love is really true. There is my red umbrella that I used when scorching sun and my black flat obsolete shoes become silent witness in my journey. Thanks God for all your blessing that you have given to me. I met our family in my hometown; You fulfilled all my needs and all fares to hometown and back to campus. Big thanks to You, my GREAT LORD.

When I was at the crossroads of my life in Batam, I found what I was searching for. Instead of becoming a literature, I became a friend of Buddhiest. And now that I am back in Bandung, my campus is, I miss the people I met in Batam.

Would I recommend that you consider becoming a student literature?  Absolutely! And who knows, you might just find what you are meant to do with your life.

Camping II Master Guide to Curug Leuwi Layung – Climb to Top of Tangkuban Parahu Mountain

Master Guide Club of Adventist University of Indonesia held a Camping II to Curug Leuwi Layung and Tangkuban Parahu Mountain on 18 April – 21 april 2014

At night on 17 April we were packing for camping

all the item are:

Carryl 60 liter

Sleeping BAg



Our Stationary




Alfa Group ( Fyhan, Zein, Deny and ME)


BAg PAcking with Bestly Vanny… hmmmm look serious LOL

Activies at 18 April 2014

We took off from campus at 09.30 am after open ceremony in Student Center.

PEmbina Apel : MG. Saut LArson

Pemimpin Apel : MG YAnto Koy

Pemimpin BArisan : MG. Wilden Efarnsa

Conducter: CMG. Angelina MArlina

Motto and Tujuan : CMG. Enos Sihotang

Janji : CMG. Nur Ayu

Ayat Inti : CMG. Kaleb Yakobus




We took off and start climb..

GambarGambarYel-Yel untuk mulai masuk POS


Pos Api with MG. AGus and MG. Wilden


POS TALI TEMALI with MG. Hiras and MG. David


POS EVAKUASI with MG. Rei and MG. YouweGambarGambarGambarGambarGambar


After Lunch on SabbathGambar

Top of Mountain. amazingly perfect view.. I am blessed


Top of Tangkuban Parahu Mountain

this is my first time climb the mountain 🙂

blessed and feeling wonderful.

really thanks to my LORD