New Year Experience, 2016

Below  is my story when I reached out to Kawah Putih. Kawah Putih is the one of the interesting place in Bandung city. I was never piqued for visiting this place. Thank God for the chance. I put the From the Bad to the Great for this story.


It was an adorable scenery that I’ve ever seen. I was thankful to God for a chance that allowed me to visit Kawah Putih. What such an interesting place! When I arrived in the location, the smell of sulfur immediately kissed by my nose. I smelled unpleasant then my friend and I used mask to avoid it.


However, soon, I forget that because my eyes was pleasant by scenery. The green forest fulfill all the view and fortunately, the weather was cool, no scorching sun. For a while, I closed my eyes and let the wind touched my face. I thanked God for the nature.

Then, we strove to the location because for going to the direction we should pass the forest and long-enough floor.


When my eyes catched the view of Kawah Putih, I shouted for joy because the scenery was exciting! For your information, Kawah Putih is surrounded by 3 hills. What a masterpiece of God’s hands! The water is white and sometimes seeming greeny. Also, the water generates fumes. The hills stand strongly in its black and green. The blue sky screen me at that time.  Collaboration of those colors was greatly wonderful. As far as eyes looked at there, as you viewed an unspeakable beauty.


My friend and I took some pictures, also the sulfur yet, the officer of Kawah Putih did not allow us to bring it. I was satisfy, or even that word couldn’t describe my feeling, even we just only stayed there for a half hour, but I shouted for joy! Our time was over and we couldn’t stay any longer for that day was Friday, preparation day for welcoming Sabbath day.


All the spectacular beauty and enjoyment were gift for all pain that we got when we were on the journey reaching out the place. We needed 4 hours, in the scorching sun, traffic jam because it was New Year, stalled of our motorcycle and the worst thing is my leg was touched by the ex-housed pipe.


In sum, bad or good, it was be my experience in starting my 2016. there is reason for me for not being thankful, my great-bad experience ever! Lets visit there, and you will be never piqued but grateful! God bless



From the Bad to the Great (Amazing Land – Kawah Putih – Interesting Place in Bandung City, Indonesia)


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